application for assistance

Please fill out this form if your dog(s) or dogs that you know of are in need of assistance in Alaska.

Live outside Alaska? We are happy to offer information and resources to people regarding pets outdoors. Please contact us directly at

Submitting an Application for Assistance does not guarantee assistance.

Your application will be evaluated on the following:

  • The date it was received;
  • How complete the application is;
  • If we are financially able to help at the time we receive it.

As a requirement to qualify for a doghouse, you must provide the following:

  • A picture of the dog in need;
  • The name and phone number of someone that can confirm your need of assistance;
  • Information about your dog and why you would like our assistance.

We rely heavily on photos from our outreach clients to promote our mission and to help raise funds for the future. If your application is accepted, you must also agree to send us pictures of your dog(s) with the doghouse(s) once you receive your doghouse(s) and get it set up and stuff it with straw.


Thank you for contacting Straw For Dogs, a 501 c3 non profit that promotes quality care-taking and provides supplies and resources for pets outdoors. We truly wish we could attend right away to each request for help; however, Straw For Dogs is a small organization and not an emergency or enforcement agency. If there is an emergency or crime being committed, please contact your nearest animal control or police.

Thank you for reaching out, we know you did it out of love and to help our four legged friends. Once we receive an application we will make contact to see if we can be of assistance. If you are requesting help for somebody else, you are welcome to follow up with us via email at We may not contact third parties due to demand on our small group of volunteers.

Straw For Dogs